To incorporate the feeling of unity and to infuse in the students team spirit Royal Global School has four houses. Each house is named after a great personality.

Motto "Truth Alone Triumphs"
This house is named after the father of our nation whose name Mahatma implies ‘Great Soul’.Mahatma Gandhi believed in ‘Satyagraha’. Taking the cue from Mahatma Gandhi the motto of this house is ‘Truth alone Triumphs’.
This house is represented by the colour Yellow.

Motto "Do not wait for the leader. Do it alone, person to person"
This house is named after the great soul Mother Teresa. Clad in a white, blue-bordered sari, she along with her sisters of the Missionaries of Charity became a symbol of love, care and compassion for the world. So it is only appropriate that this house has the motto ‘Do not wait for the leader. Do it alone, person to person.’
This house is represented by the colour Green.

Motto "Now or Never"
The man who gave us our National Anthem . The man who gave up his Knighthood after the JallianwallaBaghmassacre believed in doing things at the moment. So this house has the motto ‘Now or Never.’
This house is represented by the colour Red.

Motto " Arise, Awake and Stop Not until the Goal is Achieved"
Vivekananda believed that a country's future depends on its people, and his teachings focused on human development.He wanted "to set in motion a machinery which will bring noblest ideas to the doorstep of even the poorest and the meanest".And keeping this in mind the motto of this house is " Arise, Awake and Stop Not until the Goal is Achieved".
This house is represented by the colourOrange.


  • Cricket: There is a Cricket Field of about 60 Yards in all sides. Two Concrete Pitches for practice and a centre wicket.
  • Soccer: A soccer playground of approximately 70 Meters.
  • Basketball: School has the facilities for Basketball with 2 synthetic courts.
  • Volleyball: School has the facilities for Volleyball with two courts in outdoors.
  • Tennis: School has the facilities for Tennis with 2 synthetic courts.
  • Table Tennis: It is fully air conditioned room with five TT Boards.
  • Pool & Billiards: The Pool & Billiards room is fully equipped with two Snooker tables and two Pool tables.
  • Taekwondo: The school has a separate Air conditioned room for Taekwondo.
  • Badminton: The school is equipped with two badminton courts in a centralized air conditioned hall.
  • Squash: The school is equipped with two squash courts in a centralized air conditioned hall.
  • Yoga: A well-equipped Air conditioned Yoga room for almost 80 students.
  • Skating: Facilities for Skating with a separate Skating ring of about
  • Horse Riding: Facilities for Horse Riding in a separate Horse Riding Arena with five horses.
  • Gymnasium: There are two separate Gym for both boys and girls.
  • Swimming Pool (Albarca): The school has all seasons Swimming Pool which is in basement and it has been named as “Albarca”.
  • Splash Pool(Oasis): The Splash Pool meant for the juniors is also in the basement which is named as “Oasis”.
  • Archery: Air-conditioned archery arena with 5 target boards.
  • Shooting: An air-conditioned 5 lane shooting range equipped with premium Walther brand Rifles and pistols.
  • Two new sports: Hockey and Rugby about to introduced very soon.


Ashok Talukdar
Coordinator, Sports

Sports as a discipline today have become as important as academics. Currently one has the choice of choosing sports as core subject and making career out of it. Not only that sports can open doors to the best institutions of India and the world.
At Royal Global school it is this spirit of sportsmanship that has been nurtured and nourished. Not only does it possess one of the best sporting facilities of the north east; It also has a very good team of coaches who has long years of experience training students for the national and state level. With such great infrastructure and sporting facilities Royal Global School is destined to create a mark in the world of sports.


The centrally air conditioned indoor stadium of Royal Global School, Guwahati which is called Rendezvous is one of the best to be found in the entire north east of India. We cover the entire gamut of indoor games like Badminton, Squash, Table tennis, Pool & Billiards, Taekwondo, Yoga, Gymnasium. An important feature is that we have separate Gymnasium halls for girls and boys. Chess and carom which improves analytical and decision making skills is also a part of the school sports curriculum. The students are imparted sports training under some of the most prominent coaches of the north east who has years of experience in training students for national and state levels. At the national level, sports, has come to occupy integral part of the school curriculum. We at Royal Global School believe in being true to that spirit and have also made sports an integral part of the school scholastic calendar. Apart from academics, students who show an aptitude towards sports are paid special attention to. In addition to different sports we intent to add two major sports i.e,Shooting and Archery which is fast becoming very popular among youngsters.



Pool & Billiards


Table tennis






Beyond indoors,outdoors sports play a vital role in Royal Global School. Our major outdoor sports includeCricket, Soccer,Basketball,Tennis, Volleyball,Skating and variousTrack and Field activities. The gems of Royal Global School sports include the Skating ring and Horse Riding. It is worth mentioning that we have separate courts for cricket, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, skating and various track and field activities.






Horse Riding


The Social Outreach Club

The Social Outreach Club of Royal Global School- “Reparation of our Nation” aims at instilling in the youth the social values of caring and the joy of giving. The activities are under the macro project “Bridging the Gap”. The club also emphasizes on generating funds and the activities that were held so far are as follows:

  • Poster making competition on the theme of World Environment Day 2015 on the 5th of June with the children of Parijat Academy- a school for the lesser privileged children.
  • Face painting as a part of the fund raising activity on the eve of Independence Day celebrations.
  • “The Buddy Campaign” with the children of the Lynthi village in Umsawar( Meghalaya)- an effort to promote education in the village where going to school is a far cry. A joint venture with the Foundation for Social Transformation( FST).
  • Introduction to the Operation Smile- an international medical charity focusing on youth leadership and opportunities for students to be leaders and serve others.

The Quiz club

The Quiz club of RGS started its 2015 - 16 activities by identifying a few quizzers of class 9 to 12. Then two groups of students of RGS from class X to XII were taken to the District library for participating in an Inter school Quiz competition held by Maria’s Public school. Quiz master Barry O’Brien conducted the quiz.


The Eco Club has its activities every Wednesday after school from 2:10pm to 4pm. We have around 60 odd students from classes VI to VIII. In these sessions a lot of awareness activities are done to develop a love and understanding for the flora and fauna of the surroundings around. The children are guided by a renowned environmentalist of Assam Nilotpal Das who makes each of the session a fun filled activity with a lot of learning. The children are taking a lot of interest and always look forward for the upcoming sessions.

Literary Club

Effective communication is the need of the day. So the school has started its Literary Club which engages in a variety of activities like debating ,munning, elocution, book reading, writing and the like. The members of the club have been actively participating in such activities not only in the city but around the country as well.

The IT club

The IT club of RGS started its 2015 - 16 activities by identifying a few IT aspirants from classes 6 to 10. Then these students have been divided into three groups – namely, 1st Generation, 2nd Generation and 3rd Generation respectively. 1st Generation group will be learning the basics of animation, 2nd Generation group will be learning the basics of photo editing and the 3rd Generation group will be learning the basics of web designing.

Interact Club

Interact Club: It is a service club for youth of 14-18 years of age, found all over the world. These Clubs benefit from sponsorship by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance for the young members.The name of the club is a combination of the words international and action. The members have fun and learning simultaneously. Since the club was first formed in 2013, the members have taken part in various activities, working for the benefit of self and others, upholding their motto, 'Service Above Self'. They have taken part in Social Awareness Programs like Cancer Awareness Walk , organised by ‘Deepshikha Cancer Care Foundation’. The club has an enthusiastic group of over 80 members and have a lot of projects in the pipeline.




The present era is one of extreme globalization. We live in a global village and hence it is of utmost importance that school equips its students with skills and knowledge that would help them to cope in a world where professional and personal relationships are no longer bound by borders. It is necessary that students today develop an interculturalunderstandingand are connected with the world. In order to achieve this goal the school has a plethora of transnational programmes like study tours, excursions, MUNs, exchange programmes and the like.


Royal Global school believes in wholesome development of each and every child. To foster this concept the Department of Performing Art is equipped with wide range of activities which complements the academic program as well. The extensive yearlong program of activitiesprovides endless opportunities to the students who may opt to pursue their areas of interest and blosom around in their respective fields. Music, Dance and Theatre have been key features of the school’s comprehensive academic life. The department caters to both Indian and Western music. Lessons on different western musical instruments like Piano, Guitar, Flute, Drums, Conga, Bongo, Djembe etc. and Indian musical instruments such as Tabla, Khol, Dhol, Dholaketc. are offered to the students as per their choice. Both Indian and Western vocal classes are offered to the children. The interested students in dance are also offered lessonsBharat Natyam or Sattriya of Indian dance style or modern contemporary dance style.

The students are groomed and taught so as to prepare them for appearing exams under Associated Board of the Royal School ofMusic (ABRSM), London and PrayagSangitSamity, Allahabad and BhatkhandeSangeetvidyapith, Lucknow etc. The school has a full fazed music studio named the Royal Studio which has recording, music arranging, editing and mixing facilities. Royalites have produced a music video and a short film which brought laurels and the whole technical part of the same has been done in the Royal studio.RGS believes in importance of live performance beside classroom music. The school band, choir, string and rhythm orchestra, Piano students and the dance groups perform regularly in various occasions in different locations before live audiences.

Each student is encouraged to take up at least two activities in an academic term and pursue it over a sustained period of timein order to gain expertise of the skill. The school has a music club whose activities are done after normal school hours. The students are also offered extensive special training after normal school hours.


The department of Visual Art Royal Global School believes in teaching the students from grade I to VII a variety of art forms to develop the physical, mental and spiritual mind frame of the children. A plethora of different art forms are chosen to dart these areas of child development. Teachers focus on the drawing skills, colourdistinguishing and knowledge of different mediums for the children when any form of art is introduced to them. Theytarget tomould a strong foundation for the children, so that they can easily acquire a good sense of aestheticism by the time they reach the senior school where children are prepared for the CBSE curriculum with ART as a subject for Class X & XII Board Examinations.
With a vision to sensitize the impressionable minds of young one.
Primary & Middle School
Craft as well as Clay modeling is also included in the curriculum so that the children develop their skills of recycling and work experience along with their skills of clay shaping. The department aims at enhancing to an extra edge of each child and bringing out the creativity in them, These hands on activities help to develop the individual motor skills to bring forth the holistic development of the children. Renowned artist from different parts of world are also invited to impart knowledge to the little children through various types of workshops enhancing their creativity.
Grade VIII onwards

  • Grade VIII: Pen and Ink medium has been introduced, where the students learn to imbibe patience and concentration through such art work. Along with this, they also do Charcoal study, with original composition.
  • Grade IX: The creative style mainly concentrates, based on Acrylic painting on canvas. In the classroom importance is not only given to the medium, but more emphasis is given to original composition with their owncolour combination themes. It brings out the original style of the students
  • Grade X: Mask-making theme was selected this time, where they had to improvise their masks based on three- D effect on canvas. They have used various kinds of materials, based on ethnic style composition.
  • Grade XI: Basic importance is given on sketches and drawing from live-objects to bring out their observational skills and creative medium understanding. They have also been taught collage-making to bring out the colour themes in their original composition. Along with this they are taught pen and ink medium. They also have theory classes under the CBSE guidelines dealing with History of Indian Art.
  • Grade XII: Pencil study with their original composition and still life is taught, so that they can develop their originality and skill. Charcoal medium, acrylic medium, water colour medium, on nature study has been introduced for them as part of the CBSE curriculum. They have to prepare for a 40 marks theory paper on History of Indian Art.


Students are an integral part of the society. They are the citizens of tomorrow and hence it becomes pertinent that they understand their role as responsible members of the society. To inculcate the spirit of volunteerism and leadership skill, the school has a number of social outreach programmes which provides students with opportunities to become active in the community and act as positive contributors to society. One of the primary outreach programmes that the school is involved with is the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, wherein the school has taken up the initiative of adopting a village in the outskirts of the city for the maintenance of health of sanitation. Besides, the students of the school are encouraged to raise funds and aid for victims of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and the like. Funds have been raised to aid the victims of the Himalayan Tsunami and the Nepal earthquake. The school has collaborated with Operation Smile an international non-profit medical service organization which aims at healing smiles worldwide. Operation Smile focuses on youth leadership to be an integral part of their organization since its inception. It gives students the opportunities to serve others, to be leaders, to learn different cultures and to trust their capabilities. The school has also joined hands with ‘Foundation for Social Transformation’, an NGO working for the education of lesser privileged of Lynthi Village, Umsawar, Meghalaya.


In ROYAL GLOBAL SCHOOL, we rightfully teach our students, not to be followers, but leaders, and do what they think as RIGHT and not what others think. Hence, we have built up a strong ‘Student Council’, with thorough selection mode based on their capabilities, an urge to take responsibility, academics, sportsmanship qualities and a heart to do things differently. On this trail, we have been able to train up our future leaders to become winners as: “Being a winner is much different from having the potential to win. Everyone has the potential; it’s what you do with that potential that really matters”. Our selection method is based on the pro-activeness of the willing candidates, teachers’ panel along with the Principal, who witness their candidature speech and then decide on the most able leader. The leaders thus chosen form the backbone of our RGS infrastructure, presented through a ceremonious investiture ceremony, presided over by a great personality as chief guest; to further imbibe the true spirit of leadership, marching withthe beat of the school Brass Band; they are adorned with the most coveted badges, sashes and the special tie, amidst a solemn ceremony. The year 2015-16, has the following members in the Prefect Council:

  • 1. Head-Boy : Mr. AnantBarjatiya
  • 2. Head-Girl : Ms. AatreeGoswami
  • 3. CCA Captain : Ms. Amrita Nath
  • 4. CCA Captain : Mr. RajkumarAingba
  • 5. CCA Vice Captain : Ms. AyushaBhajanka
  • 6. Sports Captain : Mr. HashmiRobshan
  • 7. Sports Vice Captain : Ms. RheonaBhuyan and Mr. KulajyotiBaishya
  • 8. Gandhi House Captain : Ms. KasturiSarma
  • 9. Gandhi House Vice Captain : Mr. PinyadrithTarafdar
  • 10. Gandhi House Prefect : Ms. Prerna Sharma
  • 11. Gandhi House Prefect : Ms. UrveeChoudhury
  • 12. Tagore House Captain : Ms. KarinaroAonok
  • 13. Tagore House Vice Captain : Mr. TarunAgarwal
  • 14. Tagore House Prefect : Ms. Tanya Jain
  • 15. Tagore House Prefect : Ms. NimishaPatra
  • 16. Mother Teresa House Captain : Ms. Sangeeta Gupta
  • 17. Mother Teresa House Vice Captain : Ms. Sunidhi Sharma
  • 18. Mother Teresa House Prefect : Mr. RaktimSarma
  • 19. Mother Teresa House Prefect : Ms. Diksha Singh
  • 20. Vivekananda House Captain : Ms. Saba Farheen
  • 21. Vivekananda House Vice Captain : Ms. Rimpi Das
  • 22. Vivekananda House Prefect : Ms. DishaThakuria
  • 23. Vivekananda House Prefect : Ms. Saijal Jain

The 2015-16, Hostel Prefect Council, from Amaltas (Boys Hostel) and Gulmohar (Girls Hostel) are:

  • 1. Head Boy : Mr. Newton Buragohain
  • 2. Head Girl : Ms. ApekshaMozika
  • 3. CCA Captain : Ms. Marie Ete
  • 4. Sports Captain : Mr. TadarRichi
  • 5. Sports Vice Captain : Mr. SubhamAgarwal and Ms. VrindaJalan
  • 6. Mother Teresa House Captain : Mr. FaizalImtiaz and Ms. AyusenllaLongkumer
  • 7. Mother Teresa Vice Captain : Mr. NavinsoAma and Ms. DeekshaPoddar
  • 8. Mother Teresa Prefect : Mr. Aayush
  • 9. Tagore House Captain : Mr. GonesoKri and Ms. SojanoYanthan
  • 10. Tagore House Vice Captain : Mr. YantsoThung and Ms. Dorothy Kalita
  • 11. Tagore House Prefect : Mr. Adarsh Jain
  • 12. Gandhi House Captain : Mr. ManpreetSachdeva and Ms. TolikaSumi
  • 13. Gandhi House Vice Captain : Mr. NgurupRinchin and Ms. Mehendiraj Haobijan
  • 14. Gandhi House Prefect : Mr. SantanuAgarwal
  • 15. Vivekananda House Captain : Mr. RajkumaAingba and Ms. SherliRalte
  • 16. Vivekananda House Vice Captain : Mr. Anush and Ms. VedanshiJalan
  • 17. Vivekananda Prefect : Mr. Rishabh More


Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. An excellent form of public speaking MUNs not only help in developing communications skills but also help students in understanding world issues. It instills confidence in the students thereby grooming their personality.

MUNs are a regular feature in Royal Global School. Apart from the school participating in MUNs in different parts of the country, the school organizes its own MUN titled RGSMUN.


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‘Great leaders communicate a vision that captures the imagination and fires the hearts and minds of those around them’.

--Joseph B. Wirthlin

With this mission in mind, the school ensures the regular visit of people who have made a difference and have emerged as great leaders and achievers in their respective fields. By telling their personal stories these great men provide students with role models and inspiration.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Arnab Goswami

Chetan Bhagat

Kapil Dev

Milind Suman

O' Brein

Ravi Subramaniyan

Shashi Tharoor

Shekhar Sen