Round Square schools share a commitment to character education and experiential learning built around six themes – our IDEALS – International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

The Round Square IDEALS are underpinned by twelve Discoveries that students explore on their learning journey: inquisitiveness, tenacity, courage, compassion, inventiveness, ability to solve problems, self-awareness, sense of responsibility, appreciation of diversity, commitment to sustainability, communication, and team-working skills.

RS postcard session with THE ASSAM VALLEY SCHOOL on the topic “The Future of Humanity” on 17th January 2024

RS postcard session with PALMER TRINITY SCHOOL,USA on the topic “Mental health in teens” on 31st January 2024.

RS postcard session with GEMS MILLENNIUM SCHOOL SHARJAH on the topic “Learning to unlearn consumption” on 7th February,2024.

Round Square History Lab is a 6 session short course on different international history topics presented by students from a student perspective on Thursdays.

First session was with THE KINGSLEY SCHOOL,UK on topic “The Roaring 20’s” on 8th February,2024.

Second session was with CATE SCHOOL,USA on topic “Civil Wars & war of Independence on 15th February,2024.

Third session was with SAINT GOERGE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, SOUTH AFRICA on topic “Historic Leaders” on 22nd February,2024.

RS postcard session with SAINT PHILLIP COLLEGE,AUSTRALIA on topic “House Systems in our school “ on 28th February,2024.

On going RS collaboration project with SHIV NADAR SCHOOL,INDIA on topic “Economics Sandbox: Leveraging Experimental Economics ending on 30th September ,2024.

RS postcard session with ASHBURY COLLEGE,CANADA on topic “Round Square Brainbash on 17th April 2024

RS postcard session with DIRUBHAI AMBANI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL on topic Equality with “Never odd or even” on 24th April,2024.

RS History lab presented in six sessions by SANSKAAR VALLEY, INDIA, SUNBEAM SCHOOL LAHARTARA ,INDIA, NEW CASTLE GRAMMAR SCHOOL,AUSTRALIA,BOX HILL SCHOOL,UK,SAINT STITHIANS GIRLS COLLEGE,SOUTH AFRICA AND COLEGIO GRAN BRETANA ,COLUMBIA on topics The Rouring 20s, Civil wars & war of independence, Historic leaders, World War 2, Colonialism and Cold war respectively.

RS postcard session with QUEEN ANNE’S CANVERSHAM on topic “Tracing the human impact of the products we buy: a challenge!” on 1st May,2024.

RS postcard session with AIGLON COLLEGE IN SWITZERLAND on the topic "Service Projects: The Domino Effect" on 1st March,2023

RS postcard session with FOUNTAIN VALLEY SCHOOL, USA on the topic "Safe Places: Where we all belong" on 9th March,2023

RS postcard session with DHIRUBAI AMBANI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, INDIA on the topic “Where words fail, music speaks" on 29th March,2023

RS postcard session with ASHBURY COLLEGE IN CANADA on the topic "What are the dangers of Social Media among teens?" on 3rd May,2023

RS postcard session with WOODRIDGE COLLEGE AND PREPARATORY IN SOUTH AFRICA on the topic "Outdoor Pursuits, Adventure, Challenge and me" on 10th May,2023

RS postcard session with GLOBAL PUBLIC SCHOOL IN INDIA on the topic "Culinary Tourism: Around the world in 80 plates" on 31st May,2023

RS postcard session with THE MILLENNIUM SCHOOL IN UAE on the topic "Forging New Paths for Peace" on 17th May,2023

RS postcard session with KINROSS WOLAROI SCHOOL IN AUSTRALIA on the topic "Building Community Connections" on 24th May,2023

RS postcard session with REDLANDS SCHOOL IN AUSTRALIA on the topic "One Ocean. One Climate. One future - together" on 7th June,2023

RS postcard session with MICHEAL HAM MEMORIAL COLLEGE on the topic “What is the real meaning of beauty” on 28th June,2023

RS postcard session with THE AFFILIATED HIGH SCHOOL OF PEKING UNIVERSITY’S DALTON ACADEMY on the topic “Picture perfect health: building the ideal body shape on 19th July,2023.

RS postcard session with WELHAM GIRLS SCHOOL-INDIA on topic “Redefining Power on 9th August,2023.


RS postcard session with BERMUDA HIGH SCHOOL,BERMUDA on topic Bermuda triangle: Myths, Stereotypes and Truths” on 27th September.

RS online symposium with WELHAM GIRLS SCHOOL,DEHRADUN on world mental health day on 10th October.

RS postcard session with WOODRIDGE COLLEGE & PREPARATORY SCHOOL, SOUTH AFRICA on the topic “Democracy Everywhere: School, families, and friendships on 4th October,2023.

RS postcard session with THOMAS MORE COLLEGE,SOUTH AFRICA on the topic Daring Optimism on 18th October,2023.

RS postcard session with MODERN SCHOOL BARAKHAMBA,INDIA on the topic “Elder care problem and solutions on 29th October,2023.

RS Language lab presented by Three Schools E’COLE RUBAN VERT IN GABON,LYFORD CAY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL(BAHAMAS) & INTERCOMMUNITY SCHOOL IN ZURICH on topics :Introducing ourselves, food & traditions and Family & Friends on 17th October, 24th October and 31st October, 2023 respectively.

RS postcard session with SUNBEAM SUNCITY SCHOOL,VARANASI on topic “Past echoes rediscovering our roots” on 1st November 2023.

RS postcard session with THE AFFILIATED HIGH SCHOOL OF PEKING UNIVERSITY’S DALTON ACADEMY on the topic “Instagram and Tiktok : How internet celebrities affect teenager’s lives on 8th November,2023.

RS History lab presented in three sessions JUNIOR & SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OF KOGA KUIN IN JAPAN ,THE HYDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL,INDIA & SAINT PAUL’S CO-EDUCATIONAL SCHOOL IN HONGKONG on topics: World War II, Colonialism and The cold war on 16th November,24th November and 7th December,2023.

RS postcard session with MILLENNIUM SCHOOL, DUBAI on the topic “Global Boiling” on 4th December and 5th December,2023.

55th Round Square International Conference with the theme "The New Africa'' was held in Nairobi, Kenya from October 8th till the 14th 2023.

It allowed students to explore many ways the continent has evolved and is defining its position in the 21st Century. Brookhouse, Nairobi, the host school planned for keynotes and panel discussions that highlighted an array of African innovators. The keynote speakers were Clifford Oluoch a passionate educator with a rich 33 years of teaching experience and Idah Murithi a Conservation Education Strategic Consultant.

The Royal Global School delegation which left Guwahati on the 7th of October was represented by students of Class XI, Rishika Jain, Chavi Agarwal, Nayesha Agarwal, Arisha Sheikh, and Radha Sanjay Das, and faculty members Punam Agarwal and Sattyakee D’com Bhuyan.

There were many plus sides to the conference. All the conference delegates got together for the opening and closing days, whilst the Adventure, Service, and Democracy days did provide smaller group opportunities on a rotation of activities across the middle three days of the conference, hosted at the two Brookhouse campuses. Moreover, it was interesting to note that on a rotation basis, Brookhouse families did provide homestay accommodation and a first-hand experience of African hospitality for student delegates across the world.

On the 9th of October, 2023 former First Lady H.E. Margaret Kenyatta opened the 55th Annual Round Square International Conference (RSIC) at the Bomas of Kenya Auditorium, Nairobi County amidst 1600 delegates from six continents. In attendance during the RSIC2023 opening ceremony were Round Square Chairman and CEO Kurt Hahn, World Marathon Champion and United Nations Peace Ambassador Tegla Loroupe, and long-distance runner Henry Wanyoike amongst others.

As the conference in all its positive vibrations marched ahead it was time for Adventure Day under the clear African sky. It was indeed a memorable experience camping inside the Nairobi National Park (NNP), with wildlife safari drives and an environmental conservation focus.

It may be mentioned here that at the heart of the Round Square ethos is a shared belief that the foremost task of education is to inspire and equip students to be active and engaged global citizens. In pursuit of this goal, it was a busy day of service when the student delegates went off to different Brookhouse partner schools in Nairobi to offer services like painting, planting trees, cleaning, and over and above sharing experiences with the local students.

Soon after the Service Day, all the delegates gathered at the Brookhouse School Karen Campus for the Cultural Evening. Royal Global School was represented by Arisha Sheikh who performed a Sattriya Nrittya (Dance )with much élan enthralling the audience. Towards the end of her performance, she received a standing ovation.RSIC 2023 Kenya was not merely a conference, it was more of being responsible citizens and putting leadership skills into full action !!!

On 17th August 2023 a team of 6 students of Grade 7, along with their escort teacher Mahua G. Kanungoe left for Varanasi to attend the prestigious Round Square Conference 2023 hosted by the Sunbeam School, Lahartara from 17th to 21st of August.

Day 1 began with an introductory speech followed by a presentation on Varanasi -“The City of Light”. The day culminated with a musical orchestra by the students followed by a scrumptious dinner.

On Day 2 the 31 schools across India and abroad hoisted their respective school flags with pride.

The show stopper was the “Round Square: Heroes of Discovery” performed by pre-primary students, dressing up as the heroes. The Conference had an array of keynote speakers like Mr. Pratish Nair – Managing Director and co-founder of – Prahlad Kakkar, School of Branding and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Vinay Mahajan in "Music Shaping Leadership Ethos, the puppet show by Doll's Theatre, Kolkata. The Baraza sessions were the attractions for the Conference where participants got a platform to discuss inspirational poems by great writers on all four days.

Day 3 marked the visit to the historic Sarnath and the one and only Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies where we were blessed by the words of the Vice Chancellor Dr. Wangchuk Dorjee Negi. It was followed by the keynote address by Mr. Tenzin Tsundue—a Tibetan writer and activist. An interactive session by Mr. Mukherjee took place on How to See a City Through its Spaces. Special interest sessions followed by a showcase of Kathakali Dance Drama by Mr. Dibyendu Tarafder.

Day 4 started off with a keynote address on leadership by Mr. Kannan Gireesh- Founder and CEO of Live life Education whose words touched the hearts of many leaving all teary-eyed.'Satya ki Pratiroop 'by the Ishara Puppet Theatre of Padmashree Dadi Pudumjee left us spellbound.

Day 5 highlights were the cultural performances by all the participating schools. The Royal Global School team presented the traditional folk dance 'Bihu' and a special dance on skates by Mehal Agarwal that fetched a lot of appreciation. The Conference culminated with a final open Baraza where everyone shared their perspectives on how the Baraza sessions gave them an opportunity to express themselves. It was indeed a great learning experience for all the students and teachers. This Conference gave our kids a strong platform to Dream, Believe, and Achieve.


Royal Global School attended its first Round Square Conference, which was hosted by The Lawrence School Sanawar. A student delegation of 6 Royalites- Arjun Agarwal, Granth Jalan, Rupal Jain, Samaira Jain, Tieara Agarwala, and Vihaan Upadhyay- escorted by Ms. Binita Jain, Round Square Rep of RGS, attended the conference.

The theme of the conference was… Protect…. Preserve and Progress….. for Sustainable Happiness. A total of 244 students from across 27 schools in India and abroad assembled to deliberate on the theme of the conference.

The inspiring keynote speakers Ms. Rajbir Sandhu the Round Square Schools’ Support Director of South Asia & Gulf Region, Mr. Kartik Satyanarayan, Mr. Arjun Kochar, and Lt. Gen. Kamal Dawar enlightened the students on various aspects of wildlife protection, forests conservation, and physical as well as mental well-being for sustainable happiness. The evenings of the three-day conference were replete with amazing story-telling sessions by the renowned storyteller Mrs. Rituparna Ghosh.

The discussions and deliberation during the Barraza sessions provided an enriching experience for the attendees, fostering the exchange of views, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of the theme of the conference.

They enjoyed storytelling sessions sitting amidst the grove of trees with a variety of birds chirping around them, went for bird watching in the early hours, and bravely participated in a host of adventure activities in Chail and Dhaaron ki Dhar.

The student delegation of RGS presented a musical skit where they passed on a strong message on the need to make the earth a better place for all.