International Exposure

The present era is one of extreme globalization. We live in a global village and hence it is of utmost importance that school equips its students with skills and knowledge that would help them to cope in a world where professional and personal relationships are no longer bound by borders. It is necessary that students today develop an interculturalunderstandingand are connected with the world. In order to achieve this goal the school has a plethora of transnational programmes like study tours, excursions, MUNs, exchange programmes and the like.

Royal Global School has collaborated for International cultural exchange programmes in cooperation with Eisberghus Internationale Efterskole, Denmark. The Indian and the Danish students have diļ¬€erent experiences and exposure through the Exchange programme that showcases the rich cultural diversity of both the countries. The things seen, the places visited, and the principles that are learnt and picked up, make this programme fruitful and productive. The students experience and learn a lot in terms of the 'home stay' that takes place with their respective buddies.

Educational Trips

On 23rd September 2023, 30 Royalites went on for their IAYP Adventurous Journey Trip To Bogamati, Assam.

On 1st May 2019, the IAYP members of Royal Global School started on one of the most challenging journeys undertaken by them so far, a trek to Dzulekie, Nagaland.