Middle Stage


The middle school years bring in new academic demands. Content will focus on idea, application and problem solving. This makes space for critical thinking and more holistic, inquiry-based, discovery-based, discussion-based and analysis-based learning which includes communication, goal setting, study strategies, time management, stress awareness and control, relationships, learning styles and other topics designed to empower the student to take control of his/her education.

Shaping young, impressionable minds

Middle school at Royal Global School Guwahati Assam

Big journeys begin with small steps

The young learners are taught the art of comprehending, calculating and creating along with honing their communicative skills through club activities and performing arts. They are given the creative freedom whereby each one becomes aware of his/her own potential.

A wide range of sports activities inculcates in them the values of tolerance, sportsmanship and discipline. They are also taught to value the environment and to give back to the society through various social endeavors. As they complete their middle school, they become all rounders ready to face the challenges of the adolescent years.