The middle school years brings in new academic demands. The curriculum changes yearly to accommodate the changes in 11-14 year olds. Topics covered include communication, goal setting, study strategies, time management, stress awareness and control, relationships, learning styles and other topics designed to empower the student to take control of his/her education.


There has been changes in the teaching methodology. The Language paper has been divided into Literature and Language, both comprising of 100 marks each. Grammar is taught in detail so that the child develops his spoken skills. Besides the Audio Visual way of teaching, science is taught through fun methods such as Butterfly Kits, where the student is encouraged to perform his own experiments.


The year has been divided into two terms. The exam schedule is as follows.

Test / Assessments Marks
Periodic Assessment - 1 (June - Unit Test) 50 Marks
TOTAL 50 Marks
Periodic Assessment – 2 (September – Half Yearly 80 Marks
Note Book/Class Tests/Revision Tests 5 %
Activity/ Projects/ ASL 5 %
Periodic Assessment - 1 10%
TOTAL 100 Marks
Periodic Assessment – 3 (January- Unit Test) 50 Marks
ANNUALS(March ) 80 Marks
Note Book/Class Tests/Revision Tests 5%
Activity/ Projects/ ASL 5%
Periodic Assessment - 3 10%
TOTAL 100 Marks

Further, some classics have been added to their curriculum to introduce students to English Literature. For Mathematics too, books of higher order have been given in this year’s syllabus so that the students practice regularly. They will have to do 10 extra sums for homework daily, which will help them improve further. This year, French will not be allowed as second and third language for Class VI, rather it will be added as an activity. Regular test after every chapter will be conducted and Remedial for students not performing well will be conducted on Saturdays.

For the overall development of a student, a student should participate in co-curricular activity. Besides academics, every child is encouraged to choose two Activities and two Sports which are major and minor. Swimming is compulsory for all students, unless there is a medical reason, for which a Doctor’s record is necessary. Theatre, French, Taekwondo and Chess have been added to the list of activities a child can opt for. We have introduced 10 Clubs, where every child has to be a member of one. Club activities will be done on Fridays and any extra activity such as outings, projects, etc. will be done a Saturdays.

With this we hope to reach greater heights and excel in whatever we do.