Message from Pre-Primary and Primary Coordinator

Mrs. Ajau Haralu

The RGS primary wing is where learning takes place in a nurturing, holistic, value based and secure environment. As you walk through you will see the bright, airy classrooms filled with art work by the teachers and students. We believe that from this very young and tender age learning has to be enjoyable and an ongoing interactive process that eventually prepares children for life. Teaching for the tiny tots is done through a series of activities like games, songs and free play. We have beautiful learning aids and provide facilities that make the learning process fun.

We understand that children have a lot of talent that must be trained, reinforced and used to develop a balanced personality. Our class strength is small. We use an excellent student-teacher ratio to implement the Multiple Intelligence theory as developed by Howard Gardner, which recognizes different types of Intelligences

From Nursery to Ukg we lay a lot of emphasis on Story Telling, Listening and Comprehension skills,Physical Fitness, Art and Craft, Rhymes and songs, Pre Number Concepts, Logical Thinking and Value Based learning

For classes two and three we start introducing the concept of research work as that fuels a child’s curiosity. We try working in close proximity with technology but with a positive impact in mind. Classroom learning always extends far beyond text books. Group work is encoraged, thereby, teaching children to work together and projects are given so as to give a child the opportunity to showcase his/her creativity. Field trips are organized and a lot of hands on work is done in class so as to take the class room experience to a different level. We also think that sensitizing the children is of key importance so right from their junior years they are made to mingle with and help children less fortunate than themselves. Through these programs they understand how to care for others. We also focus on teaching them to be good citizens by explaining to them the importance of our environment and instilling a basic civic sense.