Senior Secondary of Royal Global School, Guwahati, is an amalgamation of competent teachers and vibrant students having diverse backgrounds, carrying unique streaks of values, traditions and cultures. Relentless efforts are undertaken to ensure that the educational experience of our students are meaningful and relevant to the needs of the times. Remedial classes are conducted for those who need the extra help. Open House Session providesan opportunity for parent interaction with the Principal and subject teachers. Emphasis on Periodic tests, assignments, projects, practicals ensure that the students are well prepared to face the challenges of the Board examination. For all round development of students, RGS focuses on excellence in both Scholastic and co-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to take part in an abundance of activities like debate, quiz, MUN’s,dramatics and so on.Students can make a choice of sports from the wide variety of options, however, Yoga has been made compulsory for Grade XI and XII. All these come together to empower our students to see beyond subject boundaries to a more holistic understanding of life.


The students are offered the following combinations of subjects:

XI- Science XI-Commerce XI-Humanities
Compulsory Subjects Compulsory Subjects Compulsory Subjects
ChemistryAccountancyPolitical Science
PhysicsBusiness StudiesSociology
Option-I Option-II Any two from Any three from the following
1. Mathematics & Biology 1. Any One From
2. Any one from i. Mathematicsi. IPHistory
i. Computer Science/ IPii. Biologyii. EntrepreneurshipEconomics
ii. PE2. Any Two Fromiii. MathematicsGeography
iii. Paintingi. Computer Science/ IPiv. PE/PaintingPsychology
ii. PEPE / Painting
iii. Painting


  • Assessment of students of Grade XI will be on the basis of Weekly tests , two unit tests, Half Yearly Examination and an Annual Examination
  • Assessment of students of Grade XII will be on the basis of Weekly tests , Half Yearly Examination and two Pre Board Examinations


Promotion from Grades XI to XII would not only depend on the student’s performance throughout the year but also on factors like submission of assignments and projects and attendance. Promotion would not be granted if the child has an attendance of less than 80% in an academic year.