Importance of English language in this age of globalization cannot be overstated. It is also necessary to acquire proficiency in English at an early age, so that the challenges of tomorrow can be handled with confidence. In order to help achieve this objective, our Language Lab has come up with a unique English learning program supported by Educomp called English Mentor which prepares learners to master English language.
The program has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the education requirements of learners from every grade so that the understanding of the language and its fundamentals get imbibed in a fun and interesting environment. It offers the best modules in terms of Continuous evaluation, Content, Teaching expertise and Methodology. At the heart of English Mentor, is a range of innovative technology based modules that use a step-by-step process to help learners sharpen their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.


RGS has established two modern ICT labs ‘Mouse House and Chips and Bytes’ featuring the latest hardware and software along with high speed Internet connectivity. Students are provided with computer education Programs which surpasses the CBSE stipulations and enables the students to apply what they have learnt in real life experiences. The ERP technology manages the school. Both teachers and students have access to get updates regarding activities and progress.


The 3D lab at Royal Global School is fully equipped with stereoscopic 3D projection system, 3D electronic viewing glasses with a wide range of topics to choose from for the various grades of different streams.


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS. To make learning an exciting and enduring experience for the students, Royal Global School has collaborated with Educomp and has equipped all its classrooms with Digital Smart Boards. The teacher can now explain every point of the relevant subject in a greater detail zooming in to a particular point when needed or attaining a visual freeze for greater emphasis so that the classroom can prove the point better.


To provide in depth knowledge on wide –ranging theories on physics, Royal Global School has Homi Bhaba Chamber, a well-designed Physics Laboratory which provides facilities to the students to conduct various activities, experiments and projects. The lab has equipment and apparatuses which can be used to understand various concepts and methods of measurements with greater accuracy, wave formation and propagation, phenomena involving reflection and refraction of light, properties of matter, electricity, magnetic effects of electric current, semiconductor devices etc. Many group activities and projects are being carried out by students under the guidance of the teachers.


The Rutherford Hall is equipped with all the apparatuses and equipments needed till the senior secondary level. Special care is taken to encourage innovativness among students to carry out projects related to their curriculum.


The Galapagos Hub is the hub of many experiments, self discoveries and experimentation in the true sense of the word. Group projects as well as individual experiments are carried out with enthusiasm in the tastefully designed lab. The advanced infrastructure of the lab is also supported with sufficient lab equipments and apparatus as per the needs and requirements of the curriculum.


The Math Lab in our school is a place where we find a collection of games, puzzles, mathematical models, teaching aids and other materials for carrying out activities and for learning mathematics in a way which is not only fun but informative too. In many of the activities, students learn to deal with problems while doing concrete activity which lays down the base for more abstract thinking.


The EVS lab at RGS has models of the structure of the Interior of the Earth, Longitudinal and Latitudinal globe showing the graticules, Aerial Photographs with laminated Toposheets, and Weather Maps. The walls are adorned with 3D wall maps showing world physical and political, and North East India political divisions. Pocket Stereoscopes to view the aerial photographs, in order to get 3D view of the areas, are also there. Pocket Stereoscopes are available to view aerial photographs.


The School facilitates spacious and well stocked open shelf Library cum Resource Centre designed to encourage students in a variety of subjects and to allow research and in-depth study. In addition the well-equipped School library has a variety of newspapers, magazines, journals with computers and internet connectivity.


The School facilitates spacious and well stocked open shelf Library cum Resource Centre designed to encourage students in a variety of subjects and to allow research and in-depth study. In addition the well-equipped School library has a variety of newspapers, magazines, journals with computers and internet connectivity.


Transport service is available depending on the number of students from any particular area and route. The School has its own fleet of 31 air-conditioned, deluxe buses which ferry our day school students and teachers. All vehicles are equipped with latest and most efficient communication technology and vehicle tracking system from GPRS system. Parents can track the buses /routes by login id/password. Each bus has a trained attendant.


To find the bus route CLICK HERE


One of the principal concerns of the school authorities in RGS is to ensure maximum security to the students. The school is committed to establish a safe and secure environment for the students not only inside the school premises but also while their commuting to and from school.

With this aim in mind the school has established a state-of- the-art RFID (radio frequency identification) tracking system to help parents and the school to track and monitor student ridership and presence in a safe and non-intrusive way. By this system, the parents receive automated SMS

When the students board the buses at their pick-up points

when the buses reach the school with the students in the morning

when the buses depart homeward

when the students alight the buses at their dropping points.


The environment of the Royal Global School has been designed with the well-being of the inhabitants in mind. Safety and security of students and staff of RGS is paramount as are the genial atmosphere in the campus. Substantial investments have been made to ensure that the campus is equipped with the latest high tech security systems and I.P. Security Cameras with Video recording facilities, while maintaining the feel of openness and freedom. The entire campus (Royal Knowledge Park) is having high boundary walls and guarded by armed security person from the four security towers. The campus is patrolled by armed and unarmed guards round the clock. Every individual and vehicle has to go through a standard security check procedure while entering or exiting through the gate. Amaltas , the Girls’ Hostel and Gulmohar the Boys’ Hostel are having security towers where from the armed security personnel keep an eye on the moment of the people .The lady security guard remains in the Hostel along with the Girls, House Mistress & Teachers . Boys Hostel is manned by arm guard at the entry of Amaltas . Students are allowed to move outside the campus only when escorted by the teachers and security guard .


We are pleased to inform you that high quality midday meal comprising best of the fruits as staple diet are provided to the students from LKG to Grade 5. Utmost care has been taken to meet the hygienic needs and also providing healthy food to the children.
“Teaching healthy habits can reap the children for lifetime.”
Children are taught about the etiquette's, table manners and other such elements which will largely contribute towards leading a decent and high quality life in future.


For the wonderful moments of respite, the school cafeteria Alfresco has in its menu all hot, healthy and nutritious recipes, beverages, shakes for children, faculty and staff. Located at the central Block, the cafeteria serves from the morning and at all break times.



The school maintains a well-equipped four bedded dispensary under the supervision of a Medical Officer and full time trained resident nurses. Routine medical checkup is carried out by the medical Officer. Vaccination and inoculation of students is done from time to time. At the beginning of each term, each student has to undergo a routine medical examination so as to monitor a safe and healthy environment both physically and psychologically. The School infirmary will work on the effort to prevent, detect, address and resolve health problems successfully and enhance the quality of life of the school children and staff and every member of the school community. Children will be taken to specialists in case of emergencies.